Hammer out your Online Plans!

Titan WebWorks is a boutique development studio situated in Melbourne Australia. We aim to help small and medium businesses get their online strategy up and running and working hard for them! We also run web services for our clients as well as a subscriber base. WordPress is our favourite, but so is Shopify!

ShipShape Site

A Simple Managed WordPress Updating Service.


Social Connect Ninja!

Out of the shadows, the ninja stalks its mark. Slowly but surely, it strikes once but in many places! Coming soonish!


Our aim is to use the versatility of WordPress and make it a central plank in your digital strategy. Yes you might just be a little cafe, or shop. But that doesn't mean that your website and social media shouldn't work hard for you as well!

Developed Sites

Victoria Carpets

A B2B manufacturer who needs a functioning website to display their product mainly to builders, designers and retailers but also end clients who may need to be led to retailers and installers.

Tempura Hajime

Tempura Hajime needed a simple restaurant website that was able to hook into Social Media. The success of it's Instagram and Facebook campaign, in conjunction with a very modern mobile friendly design, has helped the restaurant raise it's profile and keep a full book.

Eternal Bridal

Eternal Bridal required a multi faceted website full of many functions including customised pages to display dresses in a very specific way. The categories were used to create different sections including a blog section for news, as well as a testimonial essay section.