Are you toying with the idea of creating a side business or micro business?
Do you have some products to sell?
Is getting online your stumbling block?

Titan Webworks can help you!

The world is changing and employment is also changing. Instead of relying on ‘the company’ to look after our careers, we have to look inwards to find our paths.

While it is a bit scary, this is your time.

Our Mission

The Titan Webworks Mission is to quickly enable you – the new business owner to get up and running, and selling really, really, really fast! Our services enable you to concentrate on the bigger, more tangible things about what you want to do. Whether it is a side business or a micro business to augment your income, or a business that will eventually replace it all together, Titan Webworks has a fast web solution for you.

We currently have three services to get you up and running.

Titan FastSite

The FastSite service helps you get your website up and running in the smallest amount of time possible. In fact, we help you get your ducks in a row and have a better high level understanding of what your website will be.

Instant Shoppe

The InstantShoppe service is a building service that helps you get onto Shopify. With this service, our objectives are as follows.

  • Arm you with info needed, and a ‘todo’ list to get ready
  • Collect all the info from you
  • Produce a shop ready for you to open really quickly


The SocialConnect service is for people who have not yet started their social media journey. We set you up on various social media platforms  (including the graphics) as well as  a mailing list.

We also help you set up various social media support services to help you save time while taking care of this part of the business.


Maintaining your web presence (whether social media, website or online shop) can be time consuming! Titan Webworks can work out simple and cheap plans for you to pass changes to us so we can implement the changes for you. If you are interested in this, please use the contact page to ask us more


About Titan Webworks

For over a decade, Titan Webworks has been hammering out designer websites for various clients – but mainly graphic deisgners. Around 2011, Titan Webworks started to change its business to streamline its services in order to provide a better service directly to businesses. While we still service graphic designers, our aim is to help people get up and running with small, side and micro businesses.


The Small Business Hound (our blog)

The Small Business Hound is a blog and mailinglist driven site that looks to educate people interested in running small businesses in this modern age. We currently have a couple of lists – one is the founder of Titan Webworks, Felix Mak ‘dropping knowledge’ as he likes to say it… while the other is a curated list of articles from around the web to do with business ideas, tips and tricks, and other interesting business subjects.

If you are interested, visit the site.