Fast Site

If you are running a business of any sort, it is really important to have a website as a point of contact at the very least! Customers expect you to have one that allows them to do the following.

  • Find your phone number
  • Find your address
  • See if you are open

These are the very basics of what customers expect – the website is the modern day equivalent to a directory entry. Without it, you might not be found.

More importantly, you need a site that is viewable across many different devices. That means Computer, Tablet or iPad and Phone.
Let’s get started!

Why Fast Site?

There are many reasons you might want to use the Fast Site service.

  • You have paid out hundreds if not thousands and received nothing
  • Had a developer skip out on you half way
  • You don’t have time to deal with a six week turn around and need it now!
  • You are setting up a micro business and need a site quickly
  • You know that you need a site but don’t really know why (we can help you define the reasons)

Get on with it!

Titan Webworks want you to get on with your business and take care of getting that pesky website up!

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