Social Connect

Having online presence doesn’t stop at the website. The website should represent your social hub – an intersection of social interactions. Sounds really complicated! However, what you need to know is that connecting your business to social media – in the end – should increase your presence and in turn, increase sales.

Connect Socially with Social Connect

The Social Connect service that we offer includes a few elements and they will be outlined below

Social Position

A report of where your current site is. What is your profile? Are there people talking about you?


Social Construction

Social construction involves setting up and connecting different social platforms in order to take charge of your social media. It also involves creating your own followers via the good old mailing list!

Social Construction service includes the setup of the following

  • Mailing List
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Interconnectivity between platforms


A SocialReadiness Kit will be available soon. In the mean time, please use the form below if you are interested.


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