Livingstone Street Radiology

Yes was created by Titan Webworks!

Livingstone Street Radiology chose to have a website made to ensure that:

  • Patients could find them
  • To educate patients about x-ray
  • To ensure that patients know that they would have no out of pocket expenses was built to ensure that the website would remain technically fresh for as many years as possible and would be viewable in different forms from desktop to tablet to phone.

In order to ensure that the scripting of the site would last for 3-5 years, we chose to code the site using HTML5 and CSS3. Yes, I know, HTML5 is not officially released. However, many browsers (with the use of shiv scripts) support most all of the layout features of HTML5… even IE6!

Each appliance has a different resolution and, so long as it is using the latest browser software, will be able to be viewed differently in each resolution or viewport size (no point looking at a full site on the iPhone due to the resizing of the font!).


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